Visions and Interpretations

I apologize for yet another photo from my trip to New Jersey, specifically from this stop at the Belmar Marina during this gorgeous sunset. But I think you’ll agree with me that it’s hard to get sick of a sunset like this.

When I take photos I see things I want to capture and snap the picture. I don’t think much about the meaning behind the scene I’m capturing until after I’ve taken it and am looking back at the pictures, and even then I don’t put much analysis into it. When talking to Conrad about this photo (he also happens to be the guy sitting in this picture), he pointed out so many aspects of the shot that I hadn’t taken into account when taking it or looking back at it after the fact. I like that he can open my eyes to things that I didn’t even consider before. For example, everything in the shot is in horizontal lines (the cement beam, the water, the horizon, the layers of color in the sunset) except for him, who happens to be upright and vertical. And later on he pointed out that while the lights in the left hand side of the image are lined up in a horizontal row, they create reflections of straight up-and-down lines on the water — the horizontal elements are natural (the cement beam is somewhat of a stretch in that regard, but the cement was theoretically created with things found in nature), while the vertical elements sort of represent the human-created elements.

I’m not sure if I like to read into my photos this much all of the time, especially because I think there’s something to be said for right-brain thinking and keeping it big-picture when it comes to the kind of photos I take. But I do like hearing how my photos are received and interpreted. I find it fascinating how one person can look at something and think of it one way, and another person can see it in a completely different way — that’s art.


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