Morey’s Piers – Wildwood, N.J.

By: Amy Flashenberg

Jul 22 2010

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Category: HDR Photography

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Last weekend I went to Wildwood, N.J. to accompany some friends who were playing in a beach soccer tournament. It was a lot of fun, and the boardwalk in Wildwood is awesome. So many classic boardwalk things happening–the rides, the trashy gift shops, the [deliciously] awful food, and of course the crowds of all types of people. This shot was taken at the entrance of one of the three piers on the boardwalk, each of which have their own set of rides. The next day I rode the Sea Serpent, a roller coaster on this particular pier, and it was pretty sweet.


One comment on “Morey’s Piers – Wildwood, N.J.”

  1. Just looking back at some of your photos. I’m not sure you intended this photo this way, but if I were looking at this in an art history class I would be talking about the transient nature of human life and the weird, unnatural neon world we create…yikes!

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