Summer Sunset

By: Amy Flashenberg

Sep 03 2010

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Category: HDR Photography


I can tell the summer is over. The days are getting shorter, it’s getting darker earlier. But this also means that I won’t see many sunsets like this one until next summer. There’s something special about summer sunsets, and I feel like I’ve generally missed out on them this year not living at my parents’ house, where there’s a great view of the western sky and summer sunsets are always on display. I guess I didn’t realize how much I appreciate these fleeting moments until I don’t experience them everyday. I kind of feel guilty if I miss a good sunset–like I was given some beautiful gift but never bothered to look at it.  I’ll have to be sure I have an east-facing house when I have one of my own, to be sure I never miss a sunset.


2 comments on “Summer Sunset”

  1. Oh god that light is beautiful!

    • thanks, although I can’t take credit for the light–it was just there for me to take advantage of!

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